Review: Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre}

Review: Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre}

Review: Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre}

Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre}
I just love the whole idea of an ombre nail polish that can transform any colour into a soft pastel shade. Today I would love to show you how the Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre} nail polish works and what you can expect.

This is really such a great way to achieve a pastel manicure and this Pastel Ombre polish from Essence is really easy to use. The way this polish works is that you apply a certain number of coats to achieve the desired pastel shade, the more coats you apply (4 being the most) the lighter your polish will come out.

Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre} 4 Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre} 3

I decided to test the effect of this polish by using the Essence 11 4 ever after polish which is nice and vibrant and from the first coat I could already see a huge difference. I applied the recommended 4 coats, but did notice that by coat number 4 it gets a bit thick, so it’s very important to let each coat dry properly before applying another. I find that by coat 3 the nail polish is light enough and the consistency is perfect. This is really a multi-functional polish and you can get it for R38.95

Essence Nail Art {Pastel Ombre} 2

Even though I used this on a plain manicure to show the effect I cannot wait to use this with some nail art.

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