DIY Deep Dark Red Lip

DIY Deep Dark Red Lip

DIY Deep Dark Red Lip

DIY Deep Dark Red Lip Winter is here and one of the staple lip colours of the season is definitely a dark red, but not everyone owns such a shade! Today I would love to show you how to create your own deep, dark red lip!

I really love a good red lip and the first red lipstick that I bought was the all you need is red shade from Essence (it also happens to be the first lipstick that I bought). I decided to take this bright red shade and combine it with black liner to create a dark red lip for those who don’t have that perfect dark red shade.

This is really such an easy trick and here is how you can create your own dark red lip:

DIY Deep Dark Red Lip 2

Step 1 – Take your black liner and lightly line your lips.
Step 2 – Apply your red lipstick and make sure that you apply it over the liner. You can either use the tip of your lipstick, a brush or your finger to blend the red and black. Afterwards simply wipe your lipstick clean.

what i used DIY Deep Dark Red Lip 3
Lipstick: Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 02 all you need is red
Black Eyeliner

This winter you have no excuse for not wearing a deep, dark red lip as it’s really easy to create this look without having to buy a new lipstick!

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