Winter Clothes Shopping Tips {& my latest wardrobe additions}

       Winter Clothes Shopping Tips When I went shopping for my winter clothes I realized that there’s so much more planning that goes into it than just buying new clothes. I have put together a little guide for you guys to make sure that you buy what you need, get it at a good price and make sure that you have an effective and productive shopping trip.

With winter here it was time to update my wardrobe and I had so much fun shopping for some great new items for my wardrobe. Here are some tips to help you with your shopping trip:

1. Look at what you need
Make a list of specific items that you need in your wardrobe and use that as a baseline. If you go shopping without a list it can be overwhelming and you then tend to buy things you don’t need and miss things that you do.

2. Look for items online
If you know what store you are going to, look what they have online. This will give you a great idea of what you can expect in store and you might see exactly what you want and it will make shopping and picking out your clothes even easier.I love buying my clothes at MR Price so before my shopping trip I usually browse their site to see what they have.

3. Look for sales
A lot of stores have end of season sales and a lot of Summer/Autumn items can be worn in Winter as well. For instance a 3/4 shirt can be worn with a coat or fitted jacket and leggings are an all year round favourite. I love browsing through the priced to go pages on the MR Price as they have so many nice things on there and you can get it for a great bargain.

4. Don’t just buy what’s in fashion, but what suits your style
Don’t just choose the latest styles and rather choose items that suit your style. Leather is very in at the moment and I’m not such a big fan of an all leather look, so I chose leggings and a shirt with small leather details.

I really had so much fun shopping for my Winter clothes and I would love to share some of the great finds with you:

Grey Sloucy Top Grey Slouchy Top – R89.99

Grey Long Sleeve T-shirt with Pleather Detail Grey Long Sleeve T-shirt with Pleather Detail – R79.99

Long Stripe Tee Long Stripe Tee – R79.99

Black Batwing Pullover Black Batwing Pullover – R129.99

Slouchy Shirts Light Slouchy Top – R69.99 & Grey scoop neck t-shirt – R19.99

   Grey Cherokee Cardigan Grey Cherokee Cardigan (Pick ‘n Pay Clothing) – R159.99

Black Cherokee Cardigan Black Cherokee Cardigan (Pick ‘n Pay Clothing) – R159.99

Black Military Blazer Black Military Blazer – R149.99

Leggings Grey Paneled Ankle Length Leggings – R89.99 & Black pleather Pocket Leggings – R89.99

Colourblock Satchel Colourblock Satchel – R99.99

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