Review: Essence The Gel Nail Polish System

Review: Essence The Gel Nail Polish System

Review: Essence The Gel Nail Polish System

Essence The Gel Nail Polish System
If you love a long lasting manicure as much as I do, you will really love the Essence The Gel Nail Polish System.

It’s really the worst thing to spend so much time on your nails, only to have your manicure chip the next day. That is where a 3 step systems come in handy. With these systems you can create a gorgeous gel manicure that lasts for days at home without any expensive tools.

This week I have yet another great 3 step gel nails system to show you guys that can help you create that effortless gel manicure at home.  Quite honestly these 3 step systems are absolutely amazing and such a great thing to have for your nails. These systems really ensure that you get a longer lasting manicure and it enables you to create a gel manicure without having to buy extra tool, which makes it really convenient and affordable.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish System 2

This week I would like to show you guys the Essence The Gel Nail Polish System. The lovely team over at Cosmetix sent me this to try out and I am loving the results. Essence is one of the brands that I absolutely love and they have such a wide variety of nail products. They recently brought out their The Gel nails range, which is really amazing. You can either use those polishes on their own for a longer lasting manicure or you can use the specially formulated base and top coat with your The Gel nail polish to have an even longer lasting and gel manicure.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish System 3
To show you guys just how awesome this is, I used this gorgeous and bright 11 4 Ever Young shade to show you just how shiny your manicure is after applying the top and base coat. Here is how you use this system:

Step 1 – Apply the Base Coat
The base coat is really smooth and easy to apply and it dries very quickly. The fact that it dries quickly is great seeing that you want to create a quick and effortless gel manicure, and it definitely helps. This base coat really helps with protecting your nails and it makes sure your colour sticks nicely to your nail and that it lasts so much longer. This is really a key component in the process. You can get this base coat for R47.95

Step 2- Apply your Nail Polish Colour
Next you will apply your the gel nail nail polish and let it dry well. To get the best looking and lasting gel manicure, it works best with this polish. You can get the colour polish for R24.95

Step 3 – Apply the Top Coat
The top coat is the last step to this system and it’s the product that locks in your colour and gives you that gorgeous shine. This is a really great gel top coat that gives you a high shine and really protects your nail colour. It’s very easy to apply and dries fast, which ensures that you get no smudges or marks on your nails. You can get this top coat for R47.95

Essence The Gel Nail Polish System 4
So if getting a gel manicure is a guilty pleasure of yours, do indulge in this great 3 step system from Essence. You will be able to get a gorgeous long lasting gel manicure from home and at a fraction of the salon price.

I have uploaded a video to YouTube where you can see how this 3 step Nail system works, so please do head over to my channel and view it:


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