Getting ready for your wedding

Getting ready for your wedding When the day of your wedding finally arrives, you want to be able to relax and get ready without a worry.

Getting ready for your wedding is one of the most the beautiful moments in your life. To ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible, there are a few things that you can do:

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1. Make a schedule of when what needs to happen. Schedule a time for each event that needs to happen and make sure that everyone knows when they need to be where. Schedule times for make-up and hair and make sure that they get the schedule beforehand.

2. Make sure that everyone has your number, everyone has a map to where you need to get ready and every one knows what needs to happen when.

3. Make sure that the bridesmaids have a copy of the schedule as well as a vendor list with everyone’s numbers in case of emergency. They are after all there to help you the morning of your wedding.

4. Make sure that you have enough help on the morning getting ready. Having your mother there to help you get dressed is great.

5. I found it best to do my hair first then my make-up. This way no hair products could spoil my make-up.

6. Make sure that the room where you are getting dressed is neat and tidy as your photographer will be taking photos.

7. Make sure that there are not too many people in the room where you are getting ready, it is never good if it is too crowded.

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Here are a few essential things to have with you while you get ready and for on your wedding day:

1. Beauty:
Make-up Bag with eyeliner, mascara, powder, foundation
Lip gloss/ lipstick, chap stick
Hair Pins
Hair spray
Small mirror
Hand Lotion
Nail File
Tampons (if needed)
Floss or toothpicks

2. Emergency:
Pain Killers
Eye drops
Small sewing kit
Safety Pins
Compact steamer

3. Food/Drink:
Bottle of water

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Here is an example of a time schedule:

This is an example schedule of getting ready when you have a morning wedding and the ceremony starts at 11:15. So keep in mind the time that it would take to travel to your ceremony venue, it took us 30 minutes to travel to our ceremony and we still had 15 minutes to spare.

06:00 – Wake up
The bride and her bridesmaids should wake up early to start the wedding day. You don’t want to end up rushing anything for the sake of sleeping late.

06:15 – Bride and bridesmaids must shower or bath now
There should be enough time reckoned in for the bride and her bridesmaids to each take a nice bath or shower. That way everyone starts the day off feeling refreshed and clean.

06:45 – Relax and have breakfast
After everyone has gotten cleaned up, have a nice and relaxing light breakfast. It is important not to start your day on an empty stomach, but also do not eat too much.

07:30 – Photographer should arrive now
Your photographer should arrive before you start doing hair, make-up and getting dressed. While everyone gets set up they can take photos of your dress, shoes and all the other small extras.

07:30 – Start with hair
I found it best to start with my hair. Make sure that when your hair is being done, only the hair dresser is there. There is no need for the make-up stylist to hang around if it is not their turn to do your make-up. I had a separate hair dresser doing the hair of the bridesmaids, so make sure that they start as well.

08:30 – Start with make-up
After your hair your make-up will follow. Make sure that you recon enough time for this if the make-up artist needs to do your bridal party make-up too.

09:30 – Get dressed
It would be ideal if your bridesmaids get dressed before you. So make sure that they are done a little bit before you so that when everyone helps you get dressed, they are already in their dresses for the day. This way you don’t have to worry about them making you late and for any photos of you getting dressed to be spoiled with pajamas in the background.

10:00 – Take photos before leaving for ceremony
It is definitely a good idea to recon in time for photos before you leave for the ceremony. This way the photographer can get some nice portrait photos of the bride, photos with the bridal party and with the bride and her family.

10:30 – Leave for the ceremony
Make sure that you allocate a few minutes extra when you leave for your ceremony. You never know what might happen. On the day of our wedding, there were roadblocks and we ended up with a semi flat tire. So make sure that if something goes wrong, you will get to your wedding on time.

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