DIY Paper Table Cards

DIY Paper Table Cards Creating your own party decorations is really a great way to personalize your event and have loads of fun while decorating. Another great way to add a personal touch to your decor is creating your very own table cards.

A few weeks ago I posted my first DIY birthday post on how to create a DIY Paper Birthday Banner. If you missed that post you can click on the link to read it. Today I would love to share with you these gorgeous, cute and easy table cards that you can add to your food table.

If you are having a kids party these are really a great idea to add to your food table or if you’re simply looking to add a DIY effect to your decor this will do the trick.

What you will need: DIY Paper Table Cards needed
Printed Paper Table Cards (I used my own printer at home to print them)

Here is how to create your own Table Cards:
This is really such an easy effect to add to your tables and really doesn’t take much effort to make them.

Step 1 - Design your cards and print them out. The size of the cards are totally up to you.
Step 2 - Once our cards have been printed cut them out and simply fold them in half.  DIY Paper Table Cards 1 DIY Paper Table Cards 2 DIY Paper Table Cards 3 DIY Paper Table Cards 4 For my tables I decided to add these little cards by each different snack and it looked so adorable in the end.

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