Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses The look of your bridesmaid dresses need to be perfect, after all they will spend a good part of the day next to you.

Deciding on your bridesmaid dresses might not be an easy task. Everyone will have an opinion on what they want, what they like and what they think will work best. Even though you need to consider their feelings as well, just remember that it is still your wedding day and you have the final say. This article will make the task of choosing your bridesmaid dresses a little bit easier.

A few things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses:

1. Make sure that the style of the dresses compliment the dress you as the bride will wear. If you are opting for a vintage style dress, the bridesmaid dresses must be a vintage style or close to that.

2.Knowing what month your wedding will be, what season, what time of day and where it will be held will help with choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

3. Keep your colour theme in mind. Make sure that the dresses fall in with the colours and theme of your wedding and that they do not clash with what you have planned. You want the theme of your wedding to carry through in every single detail.

4. Consider your bridesmaids. It is very important to consider your bridesmaids when choosing dresses. It is important to keep in mind what they are comfortable with, what suits their body types and what colours would most definitely not work. You get the last say of how the dresses look, but that won’t do you any good if your bridesmaids don’t look good in them.

5. Make sure that the dresses that you choose are comfortable. No one wants to be uncomfy hours at end.

6. Do not go overboard. Sometimes keeping it simple is really the best. After all YOU need to be standing out on your big day.
With my wedding I decided on getting custom bridesmaid dresses made. This way there could be no one else with the same dresses and it is unique to my wedding alone. When you are deciding to make your own dresses, there is some planning that goes into it.

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Here are a few things to look at when you decide to get custom dresses made:

1. Find someone reliable to make your dresses. This person needs to know what they are doing and be good at what they do. You want the dresses to be flawless.

2. Set up dates when fittings will occur and send them to your bridal party. It is important that they show up for all the fittings.

3. Look around for fabric and don’t just settle on any kind. Make sure that the fabric is comfortable, fits in with your theme and that it is durable. You don’t want fabric that damages easily or that looks bad on your bridesmaids.

Once you have your dresses, you need to find accessories to go with them. The key is to not over accessorize.


Here are a few tips on accessories that go with your bridesmaid dresses:

1. Shoes- Inform your bridesmaids what shoes you want them to wear. I am not a fan of matching everything so I opted for my bridesmaids to wear the same style shoes. Decide on a sandal or pump, a heel or flat or if you want something different. Make sure that they show you what they find so that you can approve it.

2. Jewellery – Keep the jewellery as simple as possible. Either let them wear earrings and a bracelet or a bracelet and a necklace. For our wedding the bridesmaids wore small diamond stud earrings with a thin jewel bracelet.

3. Hair accessories – If your bridesmaids aren’t wearing jewellery or not a lot of it, something in their hair could look nice. I chose a black bow headband with a jewel stone to go with my bridesmaids outfits.
Overall the look and style of your bridesmaids dresses are up to you, just make sure that it is what you want, it fits in with your theme and its not overdone or tacky.

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