Review: Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner

Review Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner  Liquid eye liner and mascara are two of my favourite make-up products and it seems that I can never have enough of them, which makes me very happy that I got to add the Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner to my make-up collection.

I absolutely love being part of the Beauty Bulletin community as you get opened up to so many amazing products that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen or tried. I have never tried any Avon products and I was really excited when I received the Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner to try out.

Review Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner 2

This was the first time that I used a liquid eyeliner pen and I wasn’t too sure what to expect or if I would be able to come right with it, but once I got the hang of it (after a try or two) it really did impress me. I found that this eyeliner pen is really easy to work with, the tip is nice and thin so you can draw lines with ease and it doesn’t smudge easily when wearing it. 

Review Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner look2 Mascara is also one of those products that I have a million of and this was a great addition to my collection. Because I have never used Avon products, I was a bit scared that the mascara would be clumpy or smudge, but it has the exact opposite effect. The mascara really gave my lashes some length and I found no clumps at all. I felt like my lashes really looked gorgeous, stood out and this mascara is the perfect match with the eyeliner. 

Review Avon Winged Out Mascara & Liner look I decided to put these two products to the test on a very busy and warm day and I was so surprised that at the end of the day my make-up was still perfectly in place!

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