Get the look: Easy Ombre Lips

Get the look: Easy Ombre Lips

Get the look: Easy Ombre Lips

Get the look Easy Ombre Lips after
The ombre look is really gorgeous, but it’s not just meant for your hair. Ombre lips have really been making a big splash the last while so I decided to create this tutorial to show you how you can create Easy Ombre Lips.

The ombre lip look is really unique and extremely gorgeous, but I find that it’s a bit more tricky to create. I tried a few techniques when creating this look and found that the easiest way for me was using my lipstick and some white eyeshadow. The eyeshadow works absolutely amazing when you blend it with your lipstick and it creates a unique and lighter colour that will really make your lips pop.

I wanted to create a look that really pops and decided to use my hot pink lipstick and add a lighter purple ombre to it. I am really so happy with how it turned out and I simply love this look! Here is how you can create Easy Ombre Lips:

Get the look Easy Ombre Lips before

Step 1 – It’s always a good idea to start by prepping your lips, so apply a lip balm to ensure your lips are soft
Step 2 – Next you will apply your dark colour lipstick
Step 3 – Taking a brush, put some white eyeshadow on the center of your lips
Step 4 – Using your finger, blend the white eyeshadow in with your darker colour. Make sure that you don’t blend it too much, as it needs to create a lighter colour.

Get the look Easy Ombre Lips before & after

  what i used Get the look Easy Ombre Lips products Lipstick: Wet n Wild Nouveau Pink
Eyeshadow: A set I got in the Fairlady

This is really such an easy way to create a new and different look using the lipsticks you already own, so why not give it a try? I would love to hear what you thought of this look so please leave me a comment below.

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