Shopping for your Wedding Dress

Shopping for a Wedding Dress
Every girl wants to feel like a princess and when you get to put on your wedding dress you most certainly do!

Shopping for your wedding dress is such an amazing event, but with all the different options out there with styles, designers and shops it can get overwhelming and confusing.

What to think of when you shop for your perfect dress:

1. Keep in mind your theme when choosing your wedding dress. Your dress needs to fit in with your theme and be one of the main highlights of the day.

2. Knowing the time and location of your wedding is another thing that will help you choose your perfect dress.

3. Gather enough resources before you go shopping for a dress. Go through bridal magazines, look online or window shop. By the time you go looking for a dress you will have a pretty good idea of what you want.

4. Start looking for a dress early on. You don’t want to leave your dress for the last minute. A lot of designers and dress shops have peak and off-peak seasons so make sure you fall into the right one.

5. Make sure that you know your body type and what dress shape will suit you best. It is best to decide on the type of gown that you want before you go shopping.

6. When you are deciding what dress to choose, it helps to envision yourself on your wedding day and what you will look like in your dress.

7. The most important note on choosing your dress is that you choose YOUR perfect dress. Do not listen to other people, it is your wedding and your dress. It should suit your personality and style and you should be overly happy with it.

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Buy or hire?

This is a question that many women ponder on. Do you go and buy your wedding dress or do you simply hire one? This all depends on what you want, your traditions and most importantly your budget. Most brides today are on a budget which means that they cannot always afford to buy their wedding dress.

I opted to hire a dress, because I see no need in buying one that will just hang in the back of my closet. To me that is a waste. So when you need to decide if you want to hire or buy, it all comes down to personal choice and budget.

Is a designer label really worth all the hype?

Many women make it seem that the only way to go is a designer label or a designer boutique dress. This is such a shame, because there are so many bridal shops out there who carry dresses with no label that are stunning! You just need to know where to look.

I initially looked at a designer label dress. I had gone for a fitting, booked the dress and when I came in to collect the dress I was informed that they gave it to someone else. I was absolutely furious! With this happening a few months before the wedding, I had to make a plan and fast. I ended up finding my perfect wedding dress in a smaller wedding dress shop and it was perfect in every way. It was beautiful, striking and the price with it was just wonderful.

So when it comes to deciding if you want a designer label dress or a no label dress, go with what grabs your attention. If you find the perfect dress you will know it, and it doesn’t matter what fancy or non fancy name it has on the label.

How to get the best out of your bridal consultant

A bridal consultant is more than just the person who books your dress and makes the appointments. They are there to assist you in finding the perfect dress. Most bridal store consultants have been helping brides choose the perfect wedding dress for years, they know what shape dress suits what body type, what dress fits best with what style and what dress fits most women perfectly.

A dress consultant should guide you and be able to answer any questions that you might have.
Shopping for your wedding dress is such a wonderful experience and you should enjoy every second of it. If you follow these tips you will have no problem finding your perfect wedding dress.

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