Review: Essence 174 Purple Sugar

Review Essence 174 Purple Sugar I have really been into my more girly shades recently and pinks & purples have really caught my eye. After buying this gorgeous Purple Sugar shade from Essence, I can see why it was colour of the year.

When I saw this nail polish the other day I simply had to buy it, whether it threw my beauty budget for the month out or not, and I don’t regret it one bit! This is really such a pretty and feminine shade and it reminds me of summer and ice cream (which will be great for when I miss them during winter), but this shade will be really great to wear all year round seeing that in winter it can give your winter wardrobe that pop of colour that it might need.

Why I love Review Essence 174 Purple Sugar swatch This is really such a deep and vibrant colour that really pops and it has a nice smooth glossy look to it once it’s applied. This polish is really easy to apply to your nails and it gives you a fabulous colour with just one coat, which makes it dry even faster than it already does (which is pretty fast!).

Like most of the Essence nail polishes that I have tried I am once again really impressed, as this is a great addition to my nail polish collection and I cannot wait to use it in some nail art tutorials and create gorgeous looks with it.

Review Essence 174 Purple Sugar

This is honestly such a fabulous and fun colour that will simply brighten your day.

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4 Comments on Review: Essence 174 Purple Sugar

    • Lynne
      22/03/2015 at 11:21 pm (1 month ago)

      It is really one of my favourites:D

  1. Nadia
    16/03/2015 at 12:02 pm (2 months ago)

    Love the colour, but have to ask since this has been my experience in the past – do your Essence polishes also become quite tacky after a short while? I stopped buying them because I ended up getting very little use out of the bottles before I’d throw them away in frustration :(

    • Lynne
      22/03/2015 at 11:31 pm (1 month ago)

      I have a few that have become tacky over time, but some do and some don’t, which is really so strange :p I have heard that you can try adding a drop or two of nail polish thinners (or some suggest a drop or two of nail polish remover (acetone free) to tacky polish to make it nice again:) I have not tried it for myself though:P


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