Review: Essence My Skin {Combination Skin}

Review: Essence My Skin {Combination Skin}

Review: Essence My Skin {Combination Skin}

Review Essence My Skin {Combination Skin}

I have been dying to try out the Essence My skin range and with the Dischem Beauty Fair that is currently on, I decided to take advantage of the great special they are having on these lovely products. Here is what I thought of the Essence My Skin range.

I have combination skin and struggle mainly with oiliness, which is extremely frustrating and so hard to get rid of. For a few months the skincare products I was using were working amazingly, but when it came time to buy them again, I decided I wanted to try the Essence My Skin range to see what it’s like.

I have been eyeing these products for a while, and I was so excited to see that the Dischem Beauty Fair offered a great special on them. If you take any three My skin or Pure skin Essence products, you get the cheapest item for free, which is an amazing deal I could not pass up. I immediately started using this range and I am very impressed with the results. Here is how I used these products and what I thought of them:

1. My skin mattifying cleansing wipes – R29.95

I started by removing my make-up with the mattifying cleansing wipes. The texture of these wipe are a lot different from the ones I had been using, so I found it a bit hard to work with initially, but once I got used to it I was loving it. These wipes completely remove all make-up and my skin felt so refreshed and soft after using them and as a bonus these wipes smell amazing.

2. My skin mattifying cleansing gel – R34.95

After cleaning my make-up off with the wipes, I wanted to make sure that my face was clean and wash it properly. The texture of this wash is really nice and it’s easy to apply to your face. I love the soft feeling of the wash on my skin and it smells amazing. I also find that after washing with this I don’t have a dry skin feeling at all.

3. My skin mattifying cream – R44.95

After washing my face I find it important to apply moisturizer (Even though I don’t feel like my skin needs it after using the wipes and wash). This mattifying skin cream feels like a dream when you apply it and once it’s pulled into your skin, you are left with silky smooth and amazing smelling skin.

So what’s my final verdict? I have been using these product for more than a week now and my skin is feeling great, soft and oil free. This is really a range that works wonderfully and that is very affordable to buy.

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