Review: The Body Shop Lip Balm

Review: The Body Shop Lip Balm

Review: The Body Shop Lip Balm

Review The Body Shop Lip Balm

I just hate the feeling of dry and chapped lips and it seems to be a problem that’s very hard to get rid of. I have been looking for the perfect product to help with this and I have finally found it! Here is my opinion on this amazing lip balm from The Body Shop.

I struggle badly with chapped lips and if that’s not enough I also can’t resist the urge to pick at them. This makes the problem ten times worse and I end up with sore, bleeding and inflamed lips. Normally I use a combination of lip balms and lip scrubs, but I still can’t seem to get my lips completely soft and smooth.

I was recently lucky enough to win a prize from {} and it included this fabulous lipbalm from The Body Shop. Within a day of applying this lip balm my lips were almost completely healed, soft and not dry at all, which really impressed me as it usually takes a few days for a product to start working. Another big plus point for me is the fact that this lip balm stays on your lips for a while so there is no need to apply it every few minutes.

After starting to use this I can say that I have happier lips and no discomfort at all anymore! So if you are looking for a lip balm to help soothe chapped lips, you should definitely try this lip balm from The Body Shop.

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    1. This has become a beauty staple for me, I cannot believe how much healthier my lips are since I started using this lip balm 🙂 It is definitely worth a try

  1. I struggle with the exact same thing!! Cant leave the house without a lip balm, because my lips are so often dry (especially in winter!) definitely interested in trying one of the body shop lip balms now, will have to have a look next time i’m in the city! xx

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