Beneficial Nail polishes to have in your kit

Beneficial Nail polishes to have in your kit

Beneficial Nail polishes to have in your kit

Beneficial Nail polishes to have in your kit

Some nail polishes offer more than just being decorative, some have extra added benefits to make painting your nails easier or give your nails an extra boost.

You off course don’t have to have all these polishes in your kit, but there might be a few that you will find essential for your needs. Here are a few polishes that are great to have in your kit and may help you in some situations.

1. Quick dry nail polish
This type of polish is absolutely amazing for when you are busy and on the go. We all want to leave the house with gorgeous looking nails, and the convenience of a quick dry polish enables us to do so. Another great plus with a quick dry polish is the fact that it minimizes smudging (YAY!)

2. Long lasting nail polish
Don’t you just hate nail polish that chips within a day of applying it? I mean you take the time and effort to do your nails and then the next day all that effort was in vain.

I find that having the colours that I use the most in a long lasting nail polish is essential. We all have our favourite colours that go with our style and wardrobe, so to have them last longer is great!

Just a tip on making your polish last even longer: Apply a clear top coat every few days.

3. Growth enhancing nail polish
Not everyone is blessed with fast growing and strong nails. For those who struggle with that, there are growth enhancing nail polishes that also help strengthen your nails and prevent your nails from splitting and breaking.

4. All-in-one nail polish
This polish is great to have for those days you don’t feel like doing your nails. This will ensure that your nails look and feel healthy while not looking completely bare. To have the best effect with an all-in-one polish, it needs to be applied every few days.

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