DIY Bookmarks

DIY Bookmarks I absolutely love how easy it is to make these bookmarks, and you need very little to make them. What’s even better is that I have designed them so that you can use them as an everyday bookmark or create them as a valentine’s gift.

I am forever using anything that I can find lying around for a placeholder such as a business card, old receipt or a random piece of paper, but I wanted to create a pretty bookmark to use instead. Not only does this make a great valentine’s gift, but it is also a great and thoughtful all year round gift or those who love reading. Here is how you can make your own bookmarks using my free printable:

What you will need:

DIY Bookmarks supplies
1. Printed out Bookmarks (Click here to download the free bookmark printables)
2. Cardboard
3. Ribbon
4. Glue
1. Print out the free bookmark printables that you downloaded above and cut them out.
2. Glue the bookmarks onto the piece of cardboard so that it gives it a stronger backing and cut that out.
3. Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark for where your ribbon will go through
4. Put your ribbon through the hole

DIY Bookmarks 3

DIY Bookmarks 2

DIY Bookmarks 1

DIY Bookmarks 4

And there you go, easy and cute bookmarks for you to make at home! I hope that these bookmarks have inspired you to read and if you create your own bookmarks from my printables, please tag Bobs & Rouge in your favourite social media or email me! I would love to see what you create.

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