Get the look: Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Get the look: Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Get the look: Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Get the look Valentines Day Polka Dot Love Valentine’s Day is such a great time to be creative with your nails and you can create so many lovely and beautiful nail art designs. I have a few valentine’s day nail art ideas to share with you that you can try for the day of love.

Not everyone wants to dress up for valentine’s day so nail art is such an easy element to wear instead. The first look that I want to share is a red polka dot nail with white hearts. This is another look that is super easy to create, looks so cute and fits right in with valentine’s day. Here is how you can create this look:

the look

Get the look Valentines Day Polka Dot Love steps

Step 1 – Take a piece of scotch tape and create a diagonal line across your nail. The top part of your nail should be covered.
Step 2 – Paint the open part of your nail and let it dry well.
Step 3 – Once your nail polish has dried carefully remove the tape
Step 4 – Using your dotting tool create small red polka dots on the open and unpainted part of your nail.
Step 5 – Apply these steps on your thumb, index finger, middle finger and pinky finger. Paint your fourth finger a plain red.
Step 6 – After the red polish is completely dry, paint a white heart in the corner of your thumb and a big white heart in the middle of your fourth finger. To draw the hearts, make two dots next to each other for the top of the heart. From the two dots draw two thin lines that reach each other and then simply fill in the rest of the heart.

Get the look Valentines Day Polka Dot Love final
what i used
Get the look Valentines Day Polka Dot Love products
White Nail Polish: Charlie Revlon Sheer White
Red Nail Polish: Essence Colour & Go 114 fame fatal
Top Coat: Essence Nail Candies 06 soda pop & candy Shop
Tool: Nail art DUO Stylist

I have uploaded a video to YouTube where you can see how to create this look step by step so please do head over to my channel and view it:



So whether you are going out or staying in for valentine’s day, this is a pretty and fun nail that you can wear for the occasion. I would love to hear what you though of this look so please leave me a comment below, and if you create this look please tag Bobs & Rouge on your favourite social media platform!

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