Review: Rimmel 507 Round and Round in Circles

Review Rimmel 507 Round and Round in Circles swatch A yellow nail polish would not normally be my first choice, but when I saw this gorgeous polish from Rimmel I just had to have it (I will figure out how to wear it later). Here is my thoughts on this very happy yellow polish from Rimmel.
Why I love

This is truly such a lovely shade for a yellow and it’s a much softer shade as well, which I really love. I’m not overly fond of bright nails and this shade is just that perfect in between colour. I must confess that when I bought it I had no idea what I would create with it, because yellow is really not a colour that I wear (I don’t own one yellow item in my closet), but the more I look at this colour the more I love it.

This is suppose to be a fast drying polish and after testing it out I can say that it really is. I also found that I only needed two coats to get a gorgeous look, and because of the nature of yellow polish I thought it would need a lot more, so with that I am really impressed.

I can honestly not wait to properly start playing around with this nail polish and use it in my nail art as it’s such a fun and sunny colour (a perfect spring and summer shade!)

Review Rimmel 507 Round and Round in Circles

If you are looking for a beautiful yellow nail polish, this is really a very good option to look at.

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