Mango Sugar Scrub

Mango Sugar Scrub

Mango Sugar Scrub

Mango Sugar Scrub

I absolutely love mango’s and not just because they are delicious, but also because they smell amazing! I have been dying to create a mango sugar scrub (since it was winter already) and with summer here and mango’s in season, I really jumped on the mango band wagon. Here is an easy Mango Sugar Scrub recipe for you to try.

Mango Sugar Scrub Ingredients

1/2 Teaspoon of mango
2-5 Teaspoons of sugar
A pinch of olive oil

Combine the sugar, mango and olive oil and use a fork to mix
Put scrub into an airtight container and seal
*This mixture makes enough for 1-2 uses. I prefer to make smaller quantities to use at a time. If you want more of the scrub, simply adjust the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.
* Add sugar to the scrub until the consistency is to your satisfaction.
* For a pinch I use my pinch measuring spoon
* I find it easier to mix the mango with a blender so that it is a pulp

So why not try this magical mango sugar scrub? It really holds so many benefits for your skin!

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  1. I am definitely going to make one! It’s so much easier than I could have possibly imagined. Thank you for sharing. I need to buy a mango now. And, not eat it all, of course, ha. This scrub might never be made, ha!

    Christina x

    1. Haha the scrub smells so nice you might just want to eat it instead of using it 😛 These scrubs are really so easy to make and so cost effective!

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