Review: Passion Nail Polish {Grey}

Review: Passion Nail Polish {Grey}

Review: Passion Nail Polish {Grey}

Review Passion Nail Polish {Grey} This is one of those nail polishes that come with a low price tag, but that gives you amazing results. This was the first Passion nail polish that I bought, and because I haven’t heard of the brand before at the time I was a bit skeptical, but needless to say I am in love with this polish and brand after using it!

This was one of those purchases I could just not pass up, seeing that it was just R19.90 for this big bottle of nail polish. I decided to take the risk and if the polish sucked, it was only R20 I wasted. I don’t regret buying this polish at all and in the mean time I have added several other Passion nail polishes to by collection.

Why I love

This is really one of the best nail polishes that I have ever bought and I’m very impressed with the quality and the colour. I was in desperate need of a grey nail polish and this one is just perfect.

For a cheaper polish I am so amazed at how long it lasts without chipping and it’s really smooth and easy to apply. I really expected a lot less from this nail polish, but it will be a staple brand in my nail kit from now on.

Review Passion Nail Polish {Grey} swatch

These Passion Nail Polishes are really worth the try and you can get them at Dischem.

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