Review My 3 Favourite MR Price Nail Polishes

Review My 3 Favourite MR Price Nail Polishes

Review My 3 Favourite MR Price Nail Polishes

Review My 3 Favourite MR Price Nail Polishes
I am an absolute nail polish addict and sometimes finding a cheaper polish is amazing. Even though they don’t always have all the pros of your high end polishes, they can still be a great asset to your nail kit. I have come to love the MR Price nail polishes and here is my take on them.

I really love nail polishes in general, no matter what the price tag. I find that there is a use for any nail polish, so I love using the cheaper polishes (that do chip easier) for nail art or a quick look before popping out.

Why I love

I can describe this polish in about 3 words: Affordable, Vibrant and Quick-drying!

I am really amazed at how amazing these polishes are for a low budget option. The thing that stands out the most for me is the vibrancy of the colour! I find that these colours really pop and are amazing to use in nail art or just as a plain coloured manicure.

Another thing that is a plus for me is the fact that you don’t need a gazillion coats to get a vibrant painted nail and the drying time is super fast (always a plus point). It only gets better when you look at the price tag seeing that you can pick these up for under R20!

MR Price Nail Polish red MR Price Nail Polish green MR Price Nail Polish pink

Here are some looks that I created with my MR Price nail polishes:

Blue Ombre Manicure
Pink Ombre Manicure
Christmas Nails: Add a bit of glitter
I would love to hear what low budget nail polishes you love, as I am always looking for new ones to try!

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    1. I totally agree with you, I have a mix of cheaper and more expensive polishes and some of my cheaper ones work a lot better! Thank you for reading 🙂

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