Setting up the Perfect Clear Skin Routine

Setting up the perfect clear skin routine We all want smooth, soft and clear skin, but sometimes struggle with those pesky trouble areas. Here is a guide on how to set up the perfect clear skin routine so that you can have flawless looking skin!

1. Know your skin type

It is very important to know your skin type when you establish your clear skin routine. This will determine how you will treat your skin.

Here is a brief overview of the different skin types:

Dry skin: Normally presents as flaky, scaly and rough
Oily Skin: Normally presents as shiny, greasy and with big pores
Combination Skin: Normally presents as dry in some places, oily in other spots (usually a combination of two skin types)
Normal Skin: Normally presents as balanced, clear and firm to the touch
Sensitive Skin: May sting, burn or itch after using certain products or make-up

2. Know how to treat your skin type

Once you have established what skin type you have, it is important to know how to treat is. Here is a brief description of how you can treat each skin type:
a. Dry skin: Wash your skin with warm water as hot water can remove the natural oils from your face also gently wash your skin and use a deep moisturizer.
b. Oily Skin: Wash your face twice a day with a gentle alcohol free was, use a toner after washing and lightly moisturize your face every now and again.
c. Normal Skin: Use a gentle cleanser and try not to scrub your face too hard. Apply moisturizer after every wash (moisturize, cleanse and use a spot treatment)
d. Combination Skin: Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and use a spot treatment for this skin type, also try to treat the problem areas accordingly
e. Sensitive skin: Use a moisturizer, cleanser and spot treatments suitable for sensitive skin, an alcohol and fragrance free and a hypoallergenic product is always best.

Read my post here on skin types and treatments here: Determine your Skin type and how to treat it

3. Cleanse, tone and moisturize once before you apply make-up and once before you go to bed at night.

4. Exfoliate your face at least twice a week. This will help remove dead skin cells which can clog up pores and leave your complexion looking dull.

5. Try to apply a facemask regularly. Here are some of my favourite homemade masks:
Strawberry & Oatmeal Facemask
Banana Oatmeal Facemask
Coffee & Oatmeal  Facemask

6. Stick to your routine. If your skin does not improve after a month, try different products that might help.
Setting up a good skin routine can have a huge impact on your skin, and believe me you won’t regret it taking the time to take care of your skin. Once you have figured out your skin type, know how to treat it and found products that work for you, you can set up your clear skin routine and finally have gorgeous radiant skin.

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