My Last Liebster Award

My Last Liebster Award

My Last Liebster Award

Liebster Award I was nominated by the lovely Amina from for a Liebster Award recently. Thank you so much for nominating me, here are my answers to your questions.

I have been nominated for a few Liebster Awards this year and I find these awards so much fun. You really get to know the blogger behind the blog so much better through these posts. I appreciate being nominated by everyone that nominated me, and as my fourth Liebster Award, this will be the last post that I will do on it.

I would like to nominate the next three girls, because I find their blogs so inspiring and I really just love reading their blogs:

Liebster Award questions answered

1. What is the one gift you would really like?
Seeing as I am writing this after Christmas, I wanted a smoothie maker and I got one 😛

2. What do you look for in a blog?
When I look at a blog I look for both great writing as well as amazing photos. Photos are a big part of blogging for me.

3. Favourite app?
I think I might be addicted Instagram at the moment so definitely my Instagram App!

4. What was your childhood dream?
To become a fashion designer, I turned out to be web designer.

5. In whose music video would you like to be in?
I would love to be in a Lumineers music video!

6. What is your favourite animal?
I love animals, but I don’t have a specific favourite.

7. What can you not live without?
I will not be able to live without my husband and daughter, they just make life worth living.

8. What are you addicted to?
Cupcakes and Nail polishes!

9. What is your favourite thing to do in the holidays?
Relax! The holidays are the only time I can really just switch off and do nothing, so I love to just sit back and relax.

10. If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Quite honestly I have no idea. I don’t really admire any celebrities (or that I can think of at this moment)

11. What do you hope to see more of in the bloggersphere?
Everyone is so supportive and I would really love to see that continue in the new year.

Liebster Award my questions

1. What is the one gift you would really like?
2. What do you look for in a blog?
3. What is your favourite place and why?
4. What is your biggest dream?
5. What is the one thing that you hate most?
6. What is your favourite make-up brand?
7. What can you not live without?
8. What are you addicted to?
9. What is your most important blogging goal for 2015?
10. What would you like to achieve in 2015?
11. What do you hope to see more of in the bloggersphere?

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I’m Lynne, a lover of all things creative and a beauty addict! My favourite topics to blog about are nail polish, make-up, health & food.

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for doing my one before cutting it off. Have a brilliant New Year’s Day and enjoy every moment of 2015. Hope to see you soon.

    Keep smiling

  2. AH! Thanks for nominating me! Does that mean I post the questions on my blog now? What do I do? lol I am such a newb. haha

    1. Haha I see I didn’t add the rules! Here they are:
      Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:
      1. Thank the blog that nominated you and link them.
      2. Post eleven facts about yourself.
      3. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you and then create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees.
      4. Choose eleven people to nominate and link them on the post.
      5. Let your nominees know they’ve been tagged – and no tag backs!

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