What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas
I am so extremely thrilled and happy with all the gifts I got for Christmas this year, it is exactly what my heart desired! Here is a peek at what I got for Christmas.

I want to start off with this post by saying what a wonderful Christmas I had. This year I was once again not able to go visit my parents for Christmas, but my husband made sure I had the best Christmas possible. The excitement for Christmas morning was just unbelievable, because this year we decided to only open gifts on Christmas morning (we usually open them on Christmas Eve), so we were all really looking forward to that!

The main gift that I got this year was my very own smoothie maker! I have been wanting one for so long and my husband decided to get me one for Christmas, so it might just be the best gift ever πŸ˜›

What I got for Christmas nails
As a nail polish addict getting these on Christmas has made me extremely happy! I have gotten a bunch of gorgeous polishes and nail art tools that I am going to have so much fun with. I absolutely love all my new glitter polishes, as I’ve been wanting to get for ages, and now I have a few!

What I got for Christmas make-up

I can never have enough makeup, so these gifts were just so amazing to receive! The few make-up goodies I got was a blush set from L.A. Girl Cosmetics, a gorgeous pink Wet & Wild lipstick, a new blending sponge, 3 new Eye pencils (white, gold and silver), a beautiful set of Eylure lashes, a new mascara and a Victoria Jackson survival kit.

What I got for Christmas pamper products

I also received a few pamper items with my gits. I got an amazing new candle (that just smells divine!) and some Woolworths pamper products!

I cannot believe that Christmas is over again, it went by so quickly! I really hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful time and I would love to see what you go for Christmas this year, so please leave a link for me in a comment!

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  1. How fun!! :)) Nail polish is always great to have. You always do the cutest nails. What is the Victoria Jackson survival kit?

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love doing my nails and have some great looks and tutorials planned for the new year! It is a make-up kit you can carry with you, it has a lip liner, eye pencil, mascara, blush, eyeshadows, lipsticks and a mirror included in it! It is so cool.

    1. I have been looking for a good gold polish for a while and I just love this one πŸ˜€ The smoothie maker works like a dream and I am just loving it!

  2. You received some absolutely gorgeous make-up bits! Hope you and your husband had a lovely Christmas. The smoothie maker sounds awesome. I really want a smoothie maker. It’s gonna turn in to ‘I need a smoothie maker’, I just know it, haha.

    Christina x

    1. Thank you so much hun! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas as well πŸ™‚ The smoothie maker is amazing! I have been wanting one for so long and it works so much better than the hand blender I was using πŸ˜› It is a really good investment

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