Being your own wedding planner and keeping track of planning

Being your own wedding planner and keeping track of planning

Being your own wedding planner and keeping track of planning

Being your own wedding planner and keeping track of planning

Once you start looking at all that needs to get done when planning a wedding, keeping track of it all can get pretty overwhelming! Here is a great guide on how to keep track of planning your wedding

When I started planning my wedding I most certainly thought of hiring a Wedding Planner. Planning a whole wedding on my own seemed like such a big job considering that I had a full time job that keep me busy until late at night. The Wedding Planner that I got was very helpful to send ideas our my for the theme, decor and all the creative in-betweens, but when it came to helping me find a venue, being on time for appointments and actually getting quotes, I realized that I was better off without them. I decided not to use them anymore and I took on the task of being my own wedding planner.

The job to plan my wedding almost deemed itself impossible seeing as we had decided to get married in Bloemfontein (my hometown) and we lived in Cape Town. I soon realized that if you are well organized, have all your checklists together and accept the help others offer you, you will do a great job.

The first thing that I did was to get myself a big book to do all my planning in. All the names and details of the vendors, quotes and final arrangements will be kept in there. I chose a book that had sub-divisions and then labeled each sub-division according to the specific part of planning.

I divided my planning into 5 sub-divisions:

1. Budget
I started off by gathering details for all the different services that we will require. I chose the ones that looked most appealing to me and gave each of them their own page. I contacted all of them and got the quotes together that I needed to decide which one to use for our wedding. This section is ideal for keeping track of names, numbers, prices ,services and quotes.

2. Guests
In this sub-section I put everything that has to do with our guests. All their information such as names, numbers, and addresses for invites are kept in here. A list of all the guests who RSVP’d as well as the seating plan and layout is kept in here.

3. Reception & Ceremony
This sub-section will contain all the details for the Ceremony and Reception. This includes decor, flowers, cake, gifts, entertainment, table seating, menu’s,venue, priest and anything else related to the ceremony and reception. You will have all your planning, figures and ideas in this section. Make sure to keep all necessary details on booking these vendors in here as well, that way when you are looking for something you know exactly where to find it.

4. Bride & Groom
Everything that concerns the Bride and Groom will go into this sub-section. You will have the details for Hair, make-up, Wedding Dress, Wedding suit, Accessories, Wedding Bands and all the legal aspects. You will have the details of your bridal party and the schedule of the wedding morning in here.

5. Final Planning
In this section you will have all the final planning. You will have all the contact details of vendors, final quotes and proof of payments. By this stage you should have booked most of the vendors, have final prices and know all the details to your wedding.

Happy Wedding planning!

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