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Review: Essence Long Lasting Lipstick: 02 all you need is red

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Review Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 02 all you need is red I have never really been a big fan of lipstick, but it seems as if the lipstick bug has bitten me! I cannot get enough of having a good lipstick, and when it comes to a vibrant red, this Essence Long Lasting Lipstick is great to have.

Why I love

This was my first lipstick that I bought and I must say I am very impressed. I have never liked the idea of having a bright colour on my lips and have always been scared of the coloured teeth when wearing lipstick, but this lipstick has pleasantly surprised me.

You shouldn’t let the low price of R44.95 fool you, it might be cheaper than the bigger brands, but it works amazingly! This Essence Long Lasting lipstick is a nice long lasting lipstick with minimal smudging and I have found that it hardly goes onto my teeth, which off course is amazing!

Another thing that is cute about this lipstick is the way it is packaged and the logo that is put in on the lipstick. Presentation goes a long way with this product.

how i use

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 02 all you need is red I make sure that I moisturize my lips before applying any lipstick, as I don’t want to dry them out. I also prefer to use my nude lipliner before I apply my lipstick.

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