19 Useful Nail Tips & Tricks

19 Useful Nail Tips & Tricks

19 Useful Nail Tips & Tricks

19 Useful Nail Tips & Tricks Here are 19 useful nail tips and tricks to help you take care of your nails, help you with some pesky polish problems and help you get stunning looking painted nails!

1. Moisturize your hands after washing them

2. Always keep a hand moisturizer nearby

3. No not pick off your nail polish as this can damage your nails and make them weaker

4. Line your nails with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) before painting them so that the clean-up is easier

5. Using a white colour as a base coat will make your nail polish colour pop

6. Use tape to do two-tone designs with

7. Dry your nail polish faster by soaking your nails in icewater

8. Roll your nail polish bottle instead of shaking it. Shaking can create air bubbles

9. Add nail polish thinner to thick polishes

10. Use a bobby pin to create larger polkadots

11. Pushing cuticles are always easier to do if your fingers are wet or damp

12. A base coat is great to help prevent stainng your nails

13. To remove stains from your nails, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your nails for a few minutes

14. Sharpies work great for nailart! If you happen to make a mistake, use a wipe with rubbing alcohol to take it off

15. Fix a smudge by licking it. The saliva reacts with your nail polish and helps to soften and blend the surface

16. Is your nail polish lid stuck? Run it under hot water or wrap a rubber band around the top, gripping the rubber band and twisting it off

17. Dont use a blowdryer to dry your nails

18. A top coat can provide a shine, prevent chipping and prevent colour fade

19. Apply your nail polish in thin layers. Apply in 2 thin coats as it will dry faster with less smudgemarks and it will help prevent chipping

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