What I wore: Simple Daytime Formal Dress

What I wore: Simple Daytime Formal Dress

What I wore: Simple Daytime Formal Dress

Simple Daytime Formal Dress

It is rarely that I wear a formal dress (and I literally only own this one), but I just love the feminine and elegant look of this dress. This is my go-to formal dress to wear for the more formal day time look.

I am really not a big fan of formal dresses or evening wear, and the only reason I own this dress is because I needed something pretty for my graduation, three years ago! Yep, this dress has been hanging in my closet for three years, but every now and again it gets worn (it’s quite pretty so I should probably wear it more)

Simple Daytime Formal Dress closeup

I wore this dress to the joyous occasion of my daughters Christening a few weeks back. We didn’t have a super formal affair, but I felt like it was a great occasion to wear this dress. I really love the colour of this dress and the fabric is so nice and cool, plus I love the belt detail around the middle. Seeing as it was a warm day, I decided to wear my black wedges with the dress.

Simple Daytime Formal Dress hair

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  1. This dress is lovely! I absolutely love the detailing on the waist it adds a great charm to this simple but fab dress! Great blog post and you look gorgeous in this dress 🙂


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