Easy DIY Holder for the festive season

Easy DIY Holder for the festive season Do you have some empty containers just lying around? Why not turn them into a beautiful holder to put out this festive season. Here is a tutorial for an easy DIY holder for the festive season

Containers such as Pringle containers are so nice to use and convert into a pretty holder to put things in. This is also ideal for a gorgeous center piece or a holder for cutlery or napkins on your table this festive season. This holder is easy to create, inexpensive and will wow your family and guests.

What you will need: Easy DIY Holder for the festive season needed Wrapping paper

Directions: Easy DIY Holder for the festive season cut

1. If you want a smaller holder you can cut it smaller. I wanted mine to be smaller so that is exactly what I did.
2. Cover the holder in your wrapping paper and tape it closed. I prefer to use scotch tape as it’s less obvious and looks neater.
3. Make sure that the paper is longer at the top so that you can fold it over the sides and tape it inside the holder. This will ensure that the sides of your holder is covered too.
5. Add your ribbon to the front of the holder

Easy DIY Holder for the festive season final

Here are a few things that you can put in the holder and use it for:

  • Put flowers in it (Just not with water in)
  • Fill the holder with candy
  • Put candles in it
  • Use it as gift packaging
  • Use it as a decoration on your table (I used mine to store some party blowouts in)
  • You can put our cutlery in it and place it on your table

Easy DIY Holder for the festive season storage

I would love to see if you created your own holder using my tutorial! Please tag Bobs & Rouge in your favourite social media or send me an email with your creations!

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