Review: Essence pureskin anti-spot cover stick

Review Essence pureskin anti-spot cover stick Got a few pesky spots? Then you have to try this Essence pureskin anti-spot cover stick!

Why I love

This anti-spot cover stick is great for helping with red patches, blackheads and spots. The antibacterial formula helps to dry out existing spots and also helps to prevent new ones. This is really a great product that helps with covering up and preventing skin imperfections.

This product will cost you R38.95 and it will last you quite long. I have had mine for more than a year and there is still some left for a few months use.

how i use

If I have a spot, I simply apply some of the cover stick onto it before I do my make-up. It’s also a good idea to dab a little bit on spots if you have removed your make-up before bed, this way the spot will be dried out while you sleep.

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