Your Wedding Cake

Your Wedding Cake

Your Wedding Cake

Your Wedding Cake
Your wedding cake is one of the main attractions at your reception and cutting the cake is a big moment for you and your husband.Choosing your wedding cake and who will make it takes a lot of careful planning. Here are some helpful hints and tips to ensure that your cake is perfect!

What to consider when choosing your wedding cake:

1. Decide on what type & style of wedding cake you want to have. The total guests at your wedding, theme and style of your wedding will play a big influence on the type of cake that you choose.

2. Make sure that the look of your cake fits in with your wedding theme. Your wedding cake is one of the main attractions of your reception.

3. Check that the details and decorations on your cake fit in with the overall look that you are going for. Everything should flow into one in the end.

4. Look at the budget of your wedding cake. Your budget will ultimately influence the outcome of what wedding cake you will have.

5. Think about what design you want. Get a clear idea and picture of the wedding cake that you want.

6. Plan well in advance for your cake. Look everywhere for ideas and inspirations.

Your Wedding Cake dummy cake

Should you get a cake decorator or bakery to do your cake, be sure to ask the following:

1. Ask for a sample of the cake that you want for your wedding day. Make sure that the cake that you want tastes as you image it to be.

2. Ask to see what they have previously done. This way you can get a feel for how the decorations of the final product will look.

3. Make sure that they can give you the style that you are looking for.

4. Make sure that the decorator/baker knows what your budget is.

5. Make sure to check if they deliver it to your reception area or if you have to pick it up.

Your Wedding Cake cupcakes

Things to tell the cake decorator/bakery:

1. The total number of guests at your wedding
2. Your favourite type of cake
3. Your wedding theme
4. Your wedding colours
5. What type of cake (tiered traditional, cupcakes, croquembouche(french traditional), cheese cake, themed cake)
6. Make sure they know what your budget is
7. Take along pictures of what you have seen, of your decor items, dress etc to give them a good idea of what it all will look like.

Wedding cake idea:

Why not choose a more simplistic wedding cake? If you’re not a big fan of a traditional wedding cake, why not go for cupcakes instead?

For the top of the cake, choose to have a dummy cake made. Have a round solid shape covered with white fondant to create the illusion of a cake. You can then have a handmade fondant flower arrangement made that can be put on top of the dummy cake.

Your cupcakes can be mini carrot cakes with white butter icing and a fondant flower in the middle. To give the cupcakes a more personal touch you can have handmade cupcake holders with cutout butterfly edges, pop-up butterflies, flowers and gem stones on. This is a simplistic black and white cupcake cake.

Your Wedding Cake

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  1. These cakes are so nice! I had a really small and simple cake. We had about 30 guests so I didn’t want anything too big. It was perfect for us, very cute and everyone said it was good (I didn’t even have a piece…oops!)


    1. Thank you! This was my wedding cake, we also had a smaller wedding and decided on cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. Haha and I also didn’t have any cake, I think the wedding and guests kept me too busy 😛

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