Great Budget Make-up for your Face

Great Budget Make-up for your Face 2

Buying make-up can be quite expensive and products for your face are usually used the most so they need to be replaced more often. Here are some of my face make-up picks that are affordable and that work great.

Foundation: Essence Stay all day 16h long lasting make-up – R72.95

This foundation lasts me 3-4 months and the price makes it very affordable to replace. This foundation is not just budget friendly, it really works great and provides amazing cover.

Concealer: Essence match2cover cream concealer – R47.95

I cannot live without my concealer so this is really a great product that comes with a great price. You really get value for your money seeing as you get two shades and not just one.

Translucent Powder: Essence Mattifying compact powder – R53.95

This powder lasts several months so to pay this is really not much, plus it provides an amazing finish to your look.

BB Cream: Essence all-in-one BB cream – R76.95

I use a BB Cream on my low make-up days, which means that I don’t use it that often, but the price you pay for this BB Cream is very affordable and it works really well.

Cover Stick: Essence Pureskin anti spot cover stick – R38.95

This also last ages. I have had my cover stick for a year now and it is still not all used up. The fact that this little product helps you deal with irritating zits and that you only need to use a little bit at a time, makes it a great budget buy.

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