DIY Cone Gift Packaging {Plus Free Printables}

DIY Cone Gift Packaging {Plus Free Printables}

DIY Cone Gift Packaging {Plus Free Printables}

DIY Cone Gift Packaging

Tired of the usual gift box? Why not create this creative cone gift packaging to put your gifts in this Christmas.

I feel that the wrapping style of a gift is almost just as important as the gift itself and this is such a cute idea for if you are tired of the same old gift box. This cone gift packaging is great for smaller gifts, display candy or simply as table decor. What’s great about this type of packaging is the fact that you can mix and match your cone pattern and tissue paper pattern to create a cute look that makes the packaging stand out.

Here is how you can create your own Cone Gift Packaging:

What you will need: DIY Cone Gift Packaging needed

Cone shapes (You can download the templates at the end of the post)
Tissue Paper
Paper Rafia or Ribbon


1. Download the template for the cones and cut them out.
2. Roll the cut out template into a cone and secure the cone with a piece of tape on the outside and inside.
3. Select your tissue paper and place your gift inside it, then tie the top with your ribbon. (make sure it forms a tube like form)

DIY Cone Gift Packaging final

DIY Cone Gift Packaging closeup

Free Cone Gift Packaging templates:

Blue Polka Dot Cone Template
Gold Polka Dot Cone Template
Cold Chevron Cone Template
Cone Outline Template

I would love to see if you created your own cone gift packaging using my tutorial! Please tag Bobs & Rouge in your favourite social media or send me an email with your creations!

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    1. Thank you so much! You can even put little chocolates in it as a small treat if you don’t have any presents to put in it. I would love to see if you make your own 🙂

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