11 Things to replace in your diet

11 Things to replace in your diet Sometimes there are a few things that can be replaced in our diets, here are 11 things to replace in your diet that will help you eat healthier.

1. Use Greek yogurt in your cereal instead of milk
2. Eat oranges instead of drinking orange juice
3. Replace brown rice with white rice
4. Replace white bread with whole grain bread
5. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil
6. Eat unsalted nuts instead of salted nuts
7. Eat dark chocolate instead of milk or semi-sweet chocolate
8. Eat natural sugars instead of white sugars
9. Rather drink water than juice
10. Try Greek yogurt instead of low fat flavoured yogurt
11. Try 1% non fat milk intead of full cream or 2% milk

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    • Lynne
      03/12/2014 at 7:11 pm (5 days ago)

      Thank you so much for reading and I’m so glad you find these tips helpful! I am also trying to drink more water instead of juice, but the juice sometimes win :P


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