DIY Christmas Crackers {Plus Free Printables}

DIY Christmas Crackers {Plus Free Printables}

DIY Christmas Crackers {Plus Free Printables}

DIY Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers have become a tradition almost anywhere. I remember having them at our Christmas lunches since a young age. Instead of buying Christmas Crackers, why not add a more personal touch to your Christmas by making your own.

These Christmas crackers are so much fun to make and the best is that you can personalize them to fit in with your Christmas theme. The thing that’s so great about these are the fact that you can make them out of things that are around the house, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money (or at all) to make them.

By making your own Christmas Crackers you also control what goes into them, so you can put a special gift inside of them if you want. You can even use these Christmas crackers simply for pretty table decor if you don’t want to add gifts in them.

Here is how you can create your own Christmas crackers from scratch:

What you will need: DIY Christmas Crackers supplies

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Wrapping paper (Click here to download the Free Wrapping Paper printables)
  • String or ribbon
  • Treats/Gifts to put inside of the cracker
  • Tape


Instructions: DIY Christmas Crackers instructions

1. Take your wrapping paper and cut out the desired size to cover the toilet paper rolls. For a normal toilet paper roll an A4 size sheet works great.

2. Roll your wrapping paper around the toilet paper roll and secure with tape in the middle.

3. To tie the sides of the cracker, turn the sides slightly and secure them with string or ribbon. Start by closing one side first and add your prize/gift before closing the other side.

*These crackers don’t make a snap, but are easy to make and fun for Christmas.
*Keep in mind the thinner your paper, the easier it will be to pull the cracker apart.

DIY Christmas Crackers complete

Download the free Christmas cracker wrapping paper printables here:

Gold Chevron Wrapping Paper
Gold Polka Dot Wrapping Paper
Red Snowflake Wrapping Paper
I would love to see if you created your own Christmas crackers using my tutorial! Please tag Bobs & Rouge in your favourite social media or send me an email with your creations!

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