Helpful & useful Make-up Product Information

Helpful & useful information about your favourite make-up products Here aresome helpful and useful information that you need to know about your favourite make-up products.
moisturizer information
Why use: By applying moisturizer, you provide a smooth pallet on which you can apply your make-up
How to use: After washing your face, apply a thin layer of moisturizer and let it pull into your skin.


  • It’s best to look for an oil free moisturizer
  • Having a moisturizer with a SPF incorporated is a great idea

Available in: Gels, Creams & Serums

concealer information
Why use: Concealer can make imperfections such as blemishes, dark spots, scars and dark circles under your eyes disappear
What to get: Find a shade that matches your skin tone
Available in: Liquids, Creams or sticks

tranclucent powder information
Why use: It controls oil and shine and it helps to set your concealer and foundation
How to use: Apply all over your face in a light layer using a powder brush
What to get: Look for a powder that matches your skin tone
Available in: Loose powder or pressed powder

eyeshadow palettes information
Why use: Eyeshadow Palettes are very handy to have. The pre-selected colours helps you identify the colour combination that you may need


  • Apply each colour with a clean brush
  • Apply a thin layer of concealer before you apply your eyeshadow

Available in: Pencil, Cream and Powder Form

eyelash curler information
A Crimp Curler:
To use this curler, get it as close to your lash line as possible and press down. Use this tool before applying mascara

A Precision Curler:
This uses the same basic technique as your crimp curler, but it is narrower so you can fit it all the way to the base of your lashes. Use this tool before you apply mascara

A Heated Curler:
This lets you curl your lashes without crimping and you use this tool after applying mascara


mascara information
Why use: Mascara can lengthen, thicken and separate your lashes depending on what mascara you use

Available in:

  • Thinner mascaras with finer brushes: Gives your lashes a more natural look
  • Thicker mascaras with fat brushes: Gives your lashes a broader and bolder look


  • After you have applied your mascara, run your eyelash comb through your lashes to separate them and remove any clumps
  • Make sure that you let your mascara dry between multiple coats

lipstick information
Why use: Lipstick can complete the overall look of your make-up and it stands out more than lipgloss

What to get:

  • When you buy lipstick, make sure that it matches your skin tone
  • For light skin: Soft pinks, light red, beige
  • For dark skin: darker reds, burgundies, browns


  • A gloss can provide a subtle shine and make your lips look more plump, so add a thin coat of gloss over your lipgloss

eyeliner information
How to use:

  • Liquid Liner - This creates a dramatic effect. Apply it after your eyeshadow and before mascara
  • Gel Liner - This is similar to liquid liner, it just takes a few coats to get your desired look
  • Powder Liner - Apply this with a stiff brush and it is great to fill the lower lash line with

Available in: Liqid Liner, Gel Liner, Pencil Liner, Powder Liner


  • Less is more, so start with a small amount and build on that.
  • You can use concealer to clean up lines
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