Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Choosing your Wedding Flowers
Choosing your wedding flowers isn’t such an easy task. With so many options out there, you will need someone to guide you.

Getting a florist for your wedding is a must. There are so many flower options out there and a florist will be able to guide you in choosing the right option. With that they also make sure that your flowers are done and ready on your wedding day so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

I was lucky that my wedding decorator also did flowers, so I had one person doing two things and it was one less person to check up on. When you have booked a decorator, do check with them if they can do the flowers as well.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers:

1. Assess your wedding theme. You want your flowers to match your wedding theme and your wedding colours. Everything around your flowers should flow in with the rest of the details of your wedding day.

2. Make sure that the flowers that you want will be in season. If they are not, have a back-up that you love just as much.

3. Your wedding flowers need to fit in with your personal style. In the end it says a lot about you, what you love and your personality. Seeing that this is your wedding day, you ant your personality to be shown through your flowers as well.

4. Do not go overboard. Pick one or two key flowers and have neutral flowers with that. That way your flowers have a focus point and are not overpowering or over done.

5. Set a budget on what you want to spend on your flowers and stick with it. If you are hiring a florist, keep their fee in mind.

Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your florist:

1. Look around for a good wedding florist. You want someone who will deliver exactly what you want on your wedding day.

2. Make sure that the florist will stay within your budget.

3. make sure that the florist has the needed experience. Ask them for a portfolio or references to previous jobs done.

4. Ask what they do after the wedding. Normally you can take your flowers home or give it to friends and family. Check with the florist what they do with the flowers that stay behind.

5. Make sure what their price includes. Check that their overall price includes the flowers, their time for arrangements, delivering of flowers and picking up what is left if need be.

6. Check if they can make samples for you. You might want to see samples for your bouquet, centerpieces, guest table flowers etc.

7. Check on how far in advance they will get the flowers and do your arrangements. You don’t want half dead flowers on your wedding day.

8. Check with the florist what happens if the flowers you chose are not available, what do they do in that situation and what will they substitute your flowers with.

9. Check if they arrange the flowers at the ceremony and reception or do you need to arrange that with your decorator?

Here is a list of the flowers that you will need for your wedding:

1. Ceremony Flowers

Brides Bouquet
Bridesmaid Bouquets
Corsages: mother of bride, father of bride, best man, groom, groom’s mother, groom’s father, MC, grandparents
Flowergirl’s flowers
Pewchair flowers
Petals for aisle
Archway (optional)
Car decorations (optional)

2. Reception Flowers

Center pieces
Entryway flowers
Misc table flowers (music, cake, gift, food, cocktail area table flowers)

Here are a few details to provide your florist with:

1. How would you describe your wedding style?
2. What are your favourite flowers?
3, Do you have any flowers in mind for your wedding?
4. What are your wedding colours?
5. What do you absolutely not want?
6. So you have any back-up flowers in mind?
7. What flowers do you want on your wedding day?


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