11 Handy Make-up Tips and Tricks

11 Handy Make-up Tips and Tricks

11 Handy Make-up Tips and Tricks

11 Handy Make-up Tips and Tricks When it comes to make-up, every tip and trick helps. Here are 11 handy make-up tips and tricks that might just help you.

1. Heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds before you curl your lashes for extra holding power.

2. To keep lipstick from getting on your teeth, make an “O” shape with your lips and put your index finger in your mouth, then pull it out. The excess lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will come off on your finger

3. Apply lipstick with a concealer brush for a more precise application

4. Use white eyeliner as an eyelid base, this will make your bright eyeshadow stand out and last longer.

5. Clean up the wings of your cat eye with a cotton swab & a dab of concealer. This way you will remove any unwanted excess and cover up the mistake at the same time.

6. For the perfect cat eye, select a thin liner brush that is tapered to the point.

7. Clean your make-up brushes every 2 weeks (here is our recipe for a homemade brush cleaner).

8. Use your concealer as a base for your eyelids.

9. It is important to blend your makeup well.

10. Apply powder (even if just a light coat) for shine-free photographs.

11. Sweep a light pink matte pencil across the entire lenth of your brow bone to create the illusion of a higher arch, then simply blend it in until it is undetectable

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