DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY Chrismas Tree Decorations

This is such a nice idea for Christmas tree decorations.

Sometimes the same old Christmas tree decoration can get old. We were spending Christmas with my parents and my mom had done something different with the Christmas tree decorations. Instead of your usual ornaments, she made her own. She made small gift boxes to hang from the Christmas tree. What’s nice about this is that you can use any paper that you want, you can create them fitting in with your theme and they are inexpensive to make. You can even re-wrap them the next year to for in with your new theme.

Another cute idea, especially if you have small children, is to hang small sweet bags from the branches. Organza bags are inexpensive to buy and you simply fill them with small sweets. This is nice to do a week or two before Christmas, because then you can start enjoying the sweets earlier as well. (make it fun for the kids by having a countdown to Christmas

These two ideas are very easy and inexpensive to make if you are looking for something different to hang from the branches of your Christmas tree.

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