Planning an out of town wedding

Planning an out of town wedding

Planning an out of town wedding

Planning an out of town wedding

It is hard work when planning a wedding, it is even harder if you are planning an out of town wedding.

We’re not all so lucky to be from the same place. It sometimes ends up that the groom or bride have a different home town, and a lot of conflict can arise when you have to decide where the wedding will take place.
Here are a few tips when planning an out of town wedding:

1. Get a planner or someone who can help you with the planning on that side:
It is a must to have someone on the other side to help you with planning. For the most part communicating by email or telephone will get you pretty far, but you will have those moments where having someone there comes in handy.

All the initial planning must be done on your side. Make a list of each vendor you need to get, find vendors in that town that you might use and contact them each personally. Once you have narrowed your vendor list down to the person that you want to use, you can either send your planner or person helping you to plan to go see them to make sure they are what you want.
2. Arrange to go through to the town at least once, and schedule more than one vendor meeting at a time:
When you are planning an out of town wedding it is best to set aside some time to visit where you are getting married. Even though you have someone on that side helping, it is still your wedding and certain things need to be overseen by you. Certain things such as a decor proof, flower proof, cake tasting, hair & Make-up trial & venue meeting should be handled by the groom and bride or at least one of them.
3. Have a vendor list:
Make sure that you have a vendor list before going through to the town, so you can just go to the selected vendor, but always have a back-up vendor if the first one does not pan out.

Make a decent vendor list when you start planning your wedding. Research each service that you will need thoroughly and have at least 3-4 vendors for that service. Each vendor needs to be checked out and and you need to decide if they can offer you what you want and if it’s the best offer. Make sure that by the time you visit the town where you will be having your wedding, that you have your list narrowed down to at least one main vendor of each service with a back-up.

What to consider when you are planning an out of town wedding:

1. Price
When you are planning an out of town wedding consider all the costs involved. It will have a few extra costs that you might not have thought about.

2. Reasons for going to that specific town
Make sure that you are sure of where you want to get married. It is a big decision for any couple and one might feel like they compromise more than the other. Make sure that everyones feelings are considered and that all options are talked about. You don’t want to start your marriage with tension about the wedding.

3. Guests
Make sure that you provide accommodation options for out of town guests. Usually you include a card with guesthouses/lodges and their contact numbers with your invites. Some places offer a discount to guests if all or most of your guests book with them.

Planning an out of town wedding is a very time consuming job, but it will all be worth it in the end. Just make sure that your planning is flawless and you have every detail that you might need on hand.

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