A guide on Having a morning wedding

A guide on Having a morning wedding

A guide on Having a morning wedding

A guide on Having a morning wedding Choosing what time of day to have your wedding can have an impact on almost everything. Here is a guide on having a morning wedding.

When I was younger I had always dreamt of a big garden wedding in the morning. Planning a morning wedding was so much fun and the day turned out absolutely stunning! When you are planning a morning wedding there are various factors that you need to consider, as this is very different from an evening wedding.


Here are a few things to think of when you are planning to have a morning wedding:

1. Where will you have your ceremony?
With a morning wedding there are so many options. You can still opt for the traditional church ceremony or take advantage of the beauty of the morning and have a garden wedding. Having your ceremony in the garden is absolutely beautiful. If you are blessed with a beautiful day like I was, it is definitely worth it.

A lot of venues have beautiful open lawns to have your ceremony on. And with all the nature around you setting up for a morning ceremony can be done in such a beautiful way.

2. What time will you begin?
It is best not to start too late with a morning wedding, after all you don’t want your guests to be outdoors in the midday sun. A good idea is to start the ceremony at about 11, have a photo hour afterwards and then the reception can start. This is ideal if you are planning a lunch type menu.

3. What type of food will you have?
It is best to not have a too heavy food menu for a morning wedding. Most people do a brunch or a lunch for their morning wedding.

A guide on Having a morning wedding food

4. What will you do about the music?
With a morning wedding people normally don’t included dancing like they do with an evening wedding. The sole purpose of music with a morning wedding is to set a mood and create the ideal atmosphere.

5. What to do about liquor at the wedding?
Normally at an evening wedding an open or cash bar is very popular. With a morning wedding that is not really a worry and it is solely up to the bride and groom. A great idea is to provide a wine table for guests, juice on the tables and champagne. The whole thing about a morning wedding is that drinking is not a big part of it.

6. Make sure about the venue space
You need to check with your venue for how long the venue is yours. If they have an evening wedding on the same day as your wedding, you will need to clear out at a certain time. Most venues are very lenient if they don’t have a function.

Here are a few things you can save on when having a morning wedding:

1. Catering
A morning wedding costs a lot less to cater.
2. Decor
With a morning wedding you usually have a lot less light decor items than an evening wedding.
3. Music
The cost of the wedding music is a lot less for a morning wedding.
4. Alcohol
A morning wedding is more relaxed and earlier in the day, with that less liquor is needed.

Here are a few suggestions for a morning wedding:

1. Ceremony:
A garden ceremony for a morning wedding is absolutely stunning. It is something very calm and relaxed. This is a must to consider when you have a morning wedding.

A guide on Having a morning wedding ceremony

2. Music:
Instead of having very loud music, opt for something relaxed. This will make your guests feel relaxed and calm with you.

3. Don’t start too early:
Don’t start your ceremony too early. Make your wedding stretch out into the afternoon so you have an almost full day with your guests.

4. Food:
Rather opt for a light lunch than a heavy meal. A light cooked meal is always a winner with a nice light dessert to follow.

5. Cocktail Area:
Have an outdoor cocktail area after the ceremony. This will give guests the time to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

6. Decor:
Keep your colours light and soft. This will create a relaxing atmosphere that will make the day extra special and relaxing.

The whole effect of a morning wedding is to have a soft and subtle feel to the wedding, where everyone can be relaxed and have a good time.

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