My Clear skin Routine

My Clear skin Routine

My Clear skin Routine

my clear skin routine

It is really important to have a decent skin routine that works for your skin. Not only do you want to keep your skin looking good, you need to keep your skin healthy and looked after. Here is my clear skin routine

I have combination skin, where my skin gets dry between my eyebrows and on my forehead and it gets oily on my cheeks and jawline. Having combination skin is awful, as I now have to deal with two problems instead of one. It took me a while to figure out the perfect clear skin routine, but since I started using my clear skin routine, my skin has never felt and looked better!

Here is my clear skin routine:

1. I start by washing my face every morning. This ensures that any make-up that I might have missed the night before is removed and I start my day with a clean and fresh face. (read my review here on my favourite facewash)

2. I moisturize my face after every wash and clean. I have found a moisturizer that works great without leaving my skin feeling oily. It is really important to find the right moisturizer (read my review here on my favourite moisturizer)

3. I remove my make-up every night by washing my face, but if I feel particularly lazy, I make sure that I at least wipe of all my make-up using my make-up remover facial wipes.

4. I moisturize my face every night before going to bed. After I clean my face for bed, I apply my moisturizer again to ensure that my skin is hydrated during the night and my face is not left feeling dry after cleaning it.

5. I exfoliate my face twice a week. I find that this leaves my skin feeling extra smooth! There is nothing than a good exfoliate to leave your skin feeling fresh. I normally exfoliate my face mid-week and then at the end of every week.

6. I use an all natural facemask every 2 weeks (Strawberry & Oatmeal FacemaskBanana Oatmeal FacemaskCoffee & Oatmeal Facemask). This is great to nourish your skin in an all natural way and I prefer using my own facemasks, as it is easy to make, inexpensive and they work great!

Using this clear skin routine has left my skin feeling nourished, soft and looked after. I make sure that I stick to my routine at all times for the best result. I hope that this has helped you seeing what a skin routine can look like and that you are on the path to happy and nourished skin!

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  1. We have a similar routine! I wash my face every morning and before bed too then moisturize, I wouldn’t feel right doing otherwise 🙂

    1. Aw that’s so great to hear! I love my routine and I feel so lost without it, plus I can feel a difference in my skin if I don’t stick to it 🙂

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