Review: Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop Nail Candies

Review: Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop Nail Candies

Review: Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop Nail Candies

Get the Look Soda Pop & Candy Shop Don’t have time to do your nails or feel super lazy? Well the Essence Nail Candies nail polish is perfect for those days! It provides your nails with a natural shine so you don’t have to walk around with dull looking nails.

I was quite cautious when I bought this Essence Nail Candies polish as the colour looked very light (and it is almost non existent), but for the no polish days it works perfect. It gives my nails that natural shine so I don’t feel like I want to hide my hands away in my pockets.

why i love this

Get the Look Soda Pop & Candy Shop
The Essence Nail Candies polishes provide the added pamper benefits of hardening, protecting, evening out irregularities, a wonderful fruity scent, it dries fast and it has a high shine finish.

This polish does not provide a very vibrant colour (not really a light colour either), but it does what it needs to do. The benefits for your nails with this colour is great, plus it smells like soda pop and candy shop! (so much better than the normal nail polish smell)

If you are buying a polish for colour, this would not be it, but if you are simply looking for a polish with some extra care benefits and a natural shine, this would be perfect.

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