My favourite Factorie buys

My favourite Factorie buys

My favourite Factorie buys

My favourite factorie buys

I am most definately a Factorie junkie! It’s one of my favourite stores to shop and I never leave there dissapointed. Here are some of my favourite Factorie buys.

It’s sometimes hard to find a clothing store that caters exactly for your need, and I am so happy that Factorie caters for mine. I absolutely love their style in clothes, shoes and accessories, as it is exactly my style!

Another thing that I love about Factorie is that they have so many specials and promotions! Most of the time they have a special running where if you buy two items, you get them at a discount, I mean who can resist that?

Here are some of my favourite items I have bought from Factorie:

1. My boxy shirts Factorie boxy shirts Factorie stripe shirt Factorie pattern boxy shirt

I love boxy shirts and these two from Factorie are on the top of my most favourite list. I love how the fabric feels and it fits my body amazing.

2. My black leggings Factorie Leggings

I am overall a huge fan of leggings, if I could live in them, I would! I am in love with my Factorie leggings! These leggings are a perfect fit, the material is great quality and I also got these on a buy two items discount.

3. My Maxi Skirts Factorie Maxi Skirts Factorie Maxi Skirts outfits

I have been looking all over for the perfect fitting maxi skirts and I finally found some amazing ones at Factorie. The material for these skirts works for both summer and winter which make them a very functional item to have. I also really love the way they hug my body without looking unflattering.

Read more here on how I wear my maxi skirts:
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If you like this style of clothing and you love great deals, you must definitely go check out Factorie

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