Gold Ombre Manicure

Gold Ombre Manicure

Here is a beautiful gold ombre manicure that you can try out for a feminine look or for a Christmas nail this year.

Last week I posted my first ombre manicure that I tried. Today I want to share my Gold Ombre Manicure with you guys. This is my favourite gold polish that I currently own and I decided to create an Ombre Manicure using it. What’s great about this look is that it is feminine, beautiful and it is a great look for Christmas! Here is how I achieved this ombre manicure:

the look

Gold Ombre Manicure look

Step 1 - Start by putting your two nail polish colours on a piece of paper or any surface that you don’t mind getting dirty.
Step 2 - Using a sponge applicator (I used my eye shadow sponge applicator), dip the tip into the nail polish. Make sure that the colour you want by the tip of your nails is on the right side. I try to get the colour 50/50 on the tip to get an even ombre effect.
Step 3 - Now you will apply the polish to your nail. I find it best to use a dabbing effect to get the first layer on, making sure I get the ombre effect on.
Step 4- After the first layer has dried, you can apply your second layer to get a deeper colour and effect.
Step 5 - You can seal in your ombre look with a clear top coat if you want to.

what I used

Gold Ombre Manicure what i used
Gold Polish: Charlie Revlon Nailcolour
White Polish: Charlie Revlon Nailcolour Long Lasting: Sheer White
Tool: Make-up Sponge Tip Applicator

Remember to check in next week again for my third ombre manicure! If you missed the first look, you can view it here: Blue Ombre Manicure.

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