My Nail care Routine

My Nail care Routine

My Nail care Routine

Nail care routine care
It is important to me that my nails and hands are taken care of, so I make sure that I give my nails and hands a pamper at least once a week. I have set up a nail care routine that ensures that my nails are clean, taken care of and healthy.

Here is my nail care routine:

1. Clean
I start by making sure that my nails are clean. I remove any old nail polish with a nail polish remover and an organic cotton wipe. It is important to make sure that any old nail polish is removed.

Nail care routine clean

2. Care
In order to have healthy nails, I need to make sure I take care of them. Here is how I take care of my nails:

Nail care routine care

Trimming nails: I trim my nails if they are too long seeing that I don’t like very long nails. If your nails are too long they also have the tendency to break more easily.
Cleaning up cuticles: I clean up my cuticles and get rid of any loose skins. Loose skins can hook and tear in, which is quite painful.
File: I file my nails shorter and fix any irregularities on them.
Buff & Smooth: I use my buff to smooth out any irregularities and get my nails looking shiny.
Cleaning Nails: Lastly I make sure that it is clean under my nails (dirty nails are yuck!)

3. Moisturize
It is important to moisturize your hands so that they are soft and smooth. Here is how I get my hands smooth and soft:

Nail care routine moisturize

Washing my hands: After cleaning my nails I wash my hands with a gentle hand soap.
Using my favourite scrub on my hands: – I use my favourite scrub on my hands to get rid of any dead skin. You can get the recipe for the scrub here: Cinnamon & Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Applying cuticle and hand moisturizer: I apply my cuticle and hand moisturizer to ensure that my cuticles and hands are moisturized and soft.

Setting up a good nail care routine is absolutely essential. The best thing to do is to find what works for you and your nail care needs.

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