Great Budget Make-up for your Eyes

Great Budget Make-up for your Eyes

Great Budget Make-up for your Eyes

Great Budget Make-up for your Eyes
You might not always have a lot of money to spend on make-up, so here is a list of Great Budget Make-up for your Eyes.

Eyeshadow: Essence Quattro Eyeshadow – R57.95
This is such a great eyeshadow set to have seeing that the colours come pre-selected which saves you the cost of buying other eyeshadows that match with your main colour.

Mascara: Essence Maximum volume mascara – R53.95
The length and thickness that this mascara provides your lashes is definately worth what you pay. Essence’s mascaras are more or less priced along this region, so you can choose the one that works the best for you.

Eyebrows: Essence Eyebrow stylist set – R47.95
This is a great kit to have if you do your eeybrows. You get two different colours and a brush to apply it with.

Eye Shadow Brush: Essence smokey eye brush – R24.95
This brush is a great blending brush to have, and seeing that most of the time you are working with multiple colours, the price is good enough so that you can buy more than one to keep as spares or use for different colour.

Eyeshadow: Essence smokey eye set – R53.95
This is a great all-in-one set to have for creating a smokey eye, or simply just to use the eyeshadows on their own. This set lasts ages so the price you pay is really affordable.

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