Planning your Wedding Reception Decor

Planning your Wedding Reception Decor

Planning your Wedding Reception Decor

Planning your Wedding Reception Decor

Your reception decor should be a one of the main highlights of your wedding. You want everyone to be WOWED when they walk into your reception.

Your reception decor is one of the main parts of your wedding. You will come to realize that your reception decor consist of a lot of details that can get quite confusing and overwhelming. Here are a few helpful tips to get you through this planning phase.

What to consider for the decor of your reception:

1. Where is the Reception being held? (Reception hall at a wedding, country club or ourdoors)
Your decor will depend a lot on where your reception is held and what the place looks like. If you are having an indoor wedding in a reception hall it will look different than having it in a tent or outdoors. It will also depend on what time of day your wedding will be.

2. Cocktail Area Decorations:
If you are going to have a cocktail table, keep the decor simple. Have a table with a simple table cloth and an arrangement of flowers. You can opt for colourful drinks in interesting glasses. It is also a good idea to have your table seating chart by the cocktail table or near it, so that guests can see where they are sitting and know well beforehand.

Reception Decor Idea: Let your guests enjoy cocktails and finger food while you take photos together as a couple. Keep your seating chart close to where the cocktails are being served, so that guests can look where they are sitting while they enjoy some refreshments.

3. Guest Table Decorations:
Your guest table decor should be one of the main attractions at the reception. You need to keep in mind to not over clutter the table as you don’t want guests to bump things over or have no room to move. A centerpiece, two or three flower arrangements and the table setting should make your tables pop. Add small extras to the decor for impact.

Reception Decor Idea: Have your guests seating arrangement indicated by their thank you gift. This will save space on your tables and it is a creative idea.

Wedding Reception Decor
4. Bride & Groom Table Decorations:
Your main table should not differ too much from your guests table. There is usually more flowers on the main table and an extra decor feature.

Reception Decor Idea: How about a rectangular main table that has more or less the same look as the guest tables. You can cover the table with a long table cloth and put some fairylights by the bottom of the table.

Planning your Wedding Reception Decor
5. Cake Table Decorations:
Your cake table will be one of the big attractions at your wedding, this is afterall where you and your husband will cut the cake. Your cake table needs to fit in with the rest of your theme, but do not over decorate, your beautiful wedding cake needs to stand out.

6. Gift Table Decorations:
Your gift table should not have too many decor items on as your guests will be packing it full of gifts. It is also a good idea to put a box there for envelopes and have your guestbook on this table.

7. Reception Hall Decorations:
Your decorations throughout the reception hall should fit in with the rest of your theme, but should not be too over powering. Your table decor will be pretty busy and you want the focus to be on that. But don’t forget about the smaller things completely, it all has tie in together in the end.

Reception Decor Idea: A great idea is to have a draped roof and add fairylights with it. If you are not too fond of the reception hall’s curtains, you can drape the windows as well to fit in with the rest of the decor.

Planning your Wedding Reception Decor
Here is a list of usual decor you will need for your reception:

1. Table Decor:
Center Pieces
Light decor (candles, chandeliers, tealights, fairylights etc.)
Flower Arrangements
Table cloths/Runners
Table numbers
Place/Seating Cards
Gifts/Wedding Favours for guests

2. Chair Decor:
Chairs of your choice
Chair Covers

3. Cocktail Area Decor:
Table Seating Chart

4. Reception Hall Decor:
Window drapings
Roof drapings
Lights (hanging lights, fairy lights, candles etc.)

5. Misc Table Decor:
Custom bottle labels for wine or champagne
Cake knife and cake stand
Guest book
Gift Box for envelopes (if people want to give money as a gift)
Table for: cake, gifts, music, wine or food tables

Planning your Wedding Reception Decor
What to check with your venue:

1. Can they supply chairs for the ceremony and reception?
2. Can they supply extra tables (cake, gifts, music, wine, food)
3. Do they have a cake stand or does the decorator need to supply it?
4. Do they supply all the Silverware?
5. Do they have serviettes and in what colour?
6. Do they have table cloths or runners and in what colour?
7. Do they have chair covers and in what colour?

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