How wonderful, a 1000 views!

How wonderful, a 1000 views!

How wonderful, a 1000 views!


I recently hit the mark of 1000 views on my blog, which I am very grateful for! I have decided to write a short post about this, as I am very thankful for all the support Bobs & Rouge has received thus far.

When I started Bobs & Rouge I didn’t know that I would be making so many new friends, learning so many new things and be taken into the blogging community by all the lovely bloggers I have met so far.

So why did I start blogging?

For the love of writing of course! I am absolutely in love with writing, but I must admit that over the last few years I lost sight of the joy I found in writing when everything else in my life got too busy. Between moving to a new town, starting my own business and having a baby, I had little to no time (and no quite moments) to just sit down and let my thoughts fill a page, which is quite sad as I find writing relaxing.

Starting my own blog has helped me to write on a regular basis, whether it is to share my latest outfit or my love for make-up, style and beauty.

I appreciate everyone that is following me on this amazing journey of starting Bobs & Rouge and the road to making it a success.

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I’m Lynne, a lover of all things creative and a beauty addict! My favourite topics to blog about are nail polish, make-up, health & food.

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