Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory

Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory

Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory

Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory Watches aren’t just for keeping time anymore, they have become a fashion item. A watch has the power to enhance your outfit. Here are a few things when wearing a watch as an accessory and the perfect watch that I have found.

I have been looking for the perfect watch for ages. My perfect watch had to be stylish, I was looking for one with a bigger face and it had to be feminine. I was in every watch shop imaginable and could not find what I was looking for, then one day while I was browsing in american swiss I spotted my dream watch.

My perfect watch turned out to be an Anne Klein watch, that is absolutely gorgeous! It is a silver watch with a bigger face and a thinner black leather strap. This watch looks amazing on my arm and it has suh a feminine look.

I love wearing my watch as a fashion accessory. I chose it in the style and colour that I did so that it fits with my wardrobe and dressing style. What I love about my watch is that it can go for a casual look or a more professional look.

Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory

Here are three things you can think about when wearing a watch:
1. You can wear your watch in a tight fit or slightly loose around your wrist. I personally prefer wearing my watch a bit more loose.

2. Choose a watch with a bit more sparkle for a great formal event accessory or for a more refined elegance look stick to a plain gold or silver watch.

3. Want to add a professional look to yur casual outfit? The right watch can do that for you.

Wearing a watch as a fashion accessory

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