Nail Polish colours to have in your kit

Nail Polish colours to have in your kit

Nail Polish colours to have in your kit

Nail Polish colours to have in your kit

I have found that these colours are a great base to work from. Everyone needs some essential colours that will work for almost any occasion, style or with any outfit. Here are some nail polish colours to have in your kit.

You can off course choose your own colours, but these are the essential colours that I have in my nail kit at all times.

1. A crisp white
I find having a white comes in very handy. You can wear a white all on its own, use it in your nail art designs or apply it as a base coat to make your colour polishes pop.

2. A neutral shade such as a nude
Having a great nude colour in my kit is absolutely essential. It is a quick look to pull off and it is soft and elegant. For those days that you don’t feel much like a colour polish, apply a nude as it looks much better than a bare nail.

3. A dark colour (Navy, Red, Black)
We all get our dark days right? I absolutely love a nice dark polish. I have a navy, red and black in my kit, but if you have atleast on dark colour that is perfect.

4. A soft colour such as a pastel shade
I loving having a soft colour for the days I feel extra girly. A soft colour looks great in spring or summer or if you are going for a very soft and feminine effect

5. A glitter or metallic
A glitter or metallic polish can add an extra effect to your nail polish. I love using this polish with my nail art designs or simply applying it on one finger while my other nails are painted a plain colour.

6. A happy colour
My happy colour is 146 that’s what I mint! from Essence. It is a bright and vibrant colour and I absolutely love it!

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  1. I’m a nail polish junkie and this is a great guide for those looking to expand their nail polish collection but don’t know where to start. These colors are crucial to have in your collection!

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